Qualifying Instructions – Southern Nevada Housing Authority – Section 8 Applicants

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Bella Vegas Homes Realty rents to the first qualified applicant. Completed applications are considered on a first come first serve basis. Incomplete applications will be put back in queue. If your application is not processed, you will receive a refund in 5 business days once the property is no longer available. Each adult resident must submit a separate rental application. All leases are 1 year unless stated on listing.

The $50 application fee is not refundable with exemption stated above. Bella Vegas Homes Realty will verify income, credit history and landlord history. Here is what we look for…

  1. Documentation: Upload with an application.
    a) ID
    c) Section 8 Voucher
    d) Section 8 document called “How to Determine Rent”
  2. Section 8 Qualification: The document “How to Determine Rent” tells us everything we need to know
    a) Line A. Rent to Owner must be $50 higher than the actual rent. For example, if the rent is $1800, your voucher must be at $1850 or higher. This is because SNHA often reduces the Rent to Owner after a lease is signed, a fact we do not find out until many weeks later. (If the house is all electric / no gas, the difference must be $100)
    b) Estimated Utility Allowance 0BR – 6BR. The quantity of bedrooms allowed on voucher must be the same as the property you are applying for. A 3 bed voucher will only be accepted for a 3 bed house.
  3. Credit: Scores or bad credit is not considered. Your credit will be run in search for negative landlord information.
  4. Income: Not considered. SNHA has already determined your income.
  5. Co-signers: Not allowed
  6. Residential History: 3 years of verifiable residential history is required. Verifiable means speaking to an owner, a hired property manager, or proof of ownership of residence. Roommates or unlicensed managers are not a verifiable source. Additional verification such as copy of lease or cancelled checks may be required when traditional backgrounds fall short. You will be rejected for any of these reasons: a) Reports of damage b) More than 2 late payments or 1 NSF check per most recent 12 months c) Records showing evictions or money owed to prior landlords within the past 5 years. Covid-19 related evictions are not a reason for rejection.
  7. Maximum Occupancy of People and Pets: Using HUD guidelines, maximum occupancy of people is 2 persons per bedroom. Pet / ESA / Service Animal Policy: Please go here.
  8. Acceptance, Move-in dates, and Payment of Deposits: Applicant must take possession as soon as possible when SNHA has performed their inspection. A deposit equal to one month’s rent is paid when signing, and the balance paid on move in date.