Property Management Fees and Costs

Low Fee Management!

  • Monthly Management Fees for all investment properties: 8% for most properties.
  • Referral / Initial Leasing Fees for New Tenant: 30% of first months rent.

Included Services!

    • Set-up Fee: NO SET UP FEE. We will work towards making your home clean, safe and functional.
    • Lease Renewal Fee: No charge on lease renewals.
    • ACH Transfer of Funds to Client: No charge!
    • Management of Caretakers, Such as Pool Company, Lawn Service, Pest Control: No charge!
    • Management of HOA: No charge!. This includes payment of HOA bills and maintaining filing requirements of HOA and addressing violation notices.
    • Management of Repairs and Servicing, Including Warranty Calls: No charge!
    • Management of Bills, such as Mortgage, Taxes, Insurance, and Utilities: No charge!
    • Management of Home While Vacant: No charge!
    • Advertising: No charge!
    • Evictions: For facilitation, no charge! We use Southern Nevada Eviction Services – SNES – as our preferred eviction company. All fees charged by SNES are passed to you. Should mediation or court appearances be required, costs will be quoted ahead of time.

To answer any questions or to get started, contact Jason Delk at or 702 203-2722.