Managing Your Las Vegas Property

Renting property can be a complex procedure that may can easily become a full-time job for the property owner. Finding the right renter, ensuring your property is not being damaged, and dealing with uncooperative or non-paying tenants are only part of the full package of responsibilities for landlords both local and out of state. The property management team at Bella Vegas Homes Realty only work with residential property owners in the Greater Las Vegas Area. This unique specialty will allow us to closely maintain your properties income and well being. Here is how we maximize your return while minimizing your risk:

Property Set-Up and Tenant Qualification

• Step 1: Ensuring your property is ready
Your investment property needs to be SAFE, CLEAN, and FUNCTIONAL before we accept a tenant. We perform a beginning walk-through of your property to look for any issues that may need tending to. In addition to making recommendations on safety and cleanliness, we also make recommendations on how to improve the marketability of your house while keeping costs low. Our handymen are experienced in preparing houses for marketing, but if you prefer we can work with you or your contractors.

• Step 2: Advertising
Bella Vegas Homes charges $0 for on line advertising. We photograph the exterior, interior, and common grounds, and prepare descriptors touting the benefits of living in your house. Your house is exposed to all Realtors, as well as web site marketing to tenants directly. All leads go to our personal cell phones, so we never miss a call. We can also facilitate any print advertising at cost to you.

• Step 3: Qualifying a Tenant
We verify and review employment, references from prior landlord, credit history, and eviction history as reported. In today’s tough rental market, we can no longer just look at credit scores, we must dig deeper into background checks, allowing us to assess the risk of each tenant and either adjust the security deposit accordingly or outright reject their tenancy. It is better to wait longer for the right people, than to occupy your home immediately with the wrong person. Bella Vegas Homes does not discriminate in accordance to state and federal rules. To visit our Anti-Discrimination page, Click on Anti-Discrimination Here

To learn how we qualify our tenants and increase our security deposit for higher risks applicants, please visit Our Page on Qualifying Tenants

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