About Bella Vegas Homes Realty

Our team specializes in the Las Vegas Valley homes, townhomes, and condos made before 1990. If you are looking to purchase, sell or rent your home. we have a specialist that can help you. All transactions are done with the oversight of the Broker, Jason Delk, ensuring the transaction is competed with fiduciary attention to our client.

Finding the right property for our client is only part of the responsibility of a professional Buyer’s Agent. Being a trained Buyer’s Agent also means discovering issues with the house before money is spent on a professional inspector or appraiser. HOA’s also present unique challenges and benefits to the homeowner / investor. If community pools and facilities are not kept up well, this may be an indicator of a mismanaged HOA. Rules sometimes have hidden clauses which may restrict the usage of your property as a rental. The professionals at Bella Vegas Homes Realty understand how to avoid many of the traps homebuyers may encounter well after purchase. The goal is to you find the right home for today and peace of mind well into the future.

If you own an investment home in Las Vegas and are looking to rent it out, visit our Property Management page to learn how Bella Vegas Homes Realty will manage your property. Our fees are very competitive and can viewed here.

All homes are maintained as if we live there. A Bella Vegas Home is safe, clean, and functional. If you are looking to rent one of our properties, click here to find your new home! This site is updated daily.

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