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Bella Vegas Homes Realty treats renters with respect. Here is what you can expect from a Bella Vegas Home.

  • Our homes are safe, clean, and functional.
  • A move in video is made of your home so you won’t be asked to take responsibility for damage you didn’t create.
  • NO CO-PAY FOR REPAIRS! All repairs are completed timely and at no costs to you.
  • Larger issues that affect the good use of your home will be fixed within 2 business days, or you receive a per diem rebate on your rent.
  • No hidden charges or add-ons to your monthly rent. The advertised price IS the price. Your only other expense are your utilities.
  • Owner’s have pledge to us that their properties are under no risk of foreclosure or default.

Do you qualify?
For most of our homes, click here to see our qualification and requirement page.
If you are a Section 8 applicant, click here to see our qualification and requirement page.
Do you have an ESA or Service animal? Click here to make sure you have the proper documentation. 
You may also visit our Anti-Discrimination Policy Page.