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Move Outs

• Step 8: Non Payments or Eviction Issues
Sometimes tenants lose their jobs and have a hard time paying rent. We work with our delinquent tenants while treating them like they are human, with respect, and encourage tenants to contact us at the first sign of financial trouble. Sometimes a simple payment plan helps put the tenant back on track for paying rent timely. Sometimes they just can’t pay and need to leave. Bella Vegas Homes will coordinate all lawful evictions and lock-outs with our Constable’s Office in accordance to the laws of The State of Nevada.

• Step 9: Tenant Move-Out
Before delivering the tenant’s deposits back, we will do an exit walk-through ensuring the house is in the same condition as when the tenant took possession, minus normal wear and tear. We refer to the questionnaire and video that was made when they moved in.

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