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Before you begin:
Bella Vegas Homes Realty does not collection multiple applications. Completed applications are considered on a first come first serve basis. If your application is not first and not considered, you will receive a refund in 5 business days once the property is no longer available. Each adult resident must submit a separate rental application. Adults 25 or younger living with parents and seniors who are being cared for by their adult children are exempt. All leases are 1 year minimum. Some properties will allow 2 years, no discount in rent. No leases may be less than 1 year.

Please be prepared to pay the non-refundable $50 application fee (see above for only refundable exemption). You are required to provide a copy of a valid form of identification and proof of income. Bella Vegas Homes Realty will consider and verify income, credit history and landlord history. Here is what we look for…

–> If you do not qualify due to credit or income, we will accept a prepayment of the entire one year lease + security deposit.

1) Credit: Credit scores by applicant(s) where income from applicant is needed to qualify must be 600 or higher, score provided by Experian. In cases where income requirements are not met, all applicants must have 600 score or higher. Credit scores below 600 will be declined. Credit scores 720 or above and no bankruptcy filings in 3 years by all applicants do not need to qualify for income.

2) Income: Verifiable documentation of 6 months of past income is required. Average monthly income will be calculated. Verification of current income is also required. Both history of 6 months AND current income must be at least 3x monthly rent. Failure to qualify will result in triple deposit. If you have a subsidized voucher, please skip and go to section 3.
a) Employed: Paycheck stubs are required and will be verified. Gross income will be used. Extra income not documented such as tips will not be considered.
b) Independent Contractors: Contracted professionals must show proof of contract that does not expire less than one year and does not require undefined expenses.
c) Self-Employed: Applicant may show income in one of two ways:
i. Most recent prior year filed tax return along with 6 months bank statements, with lowest figure being used. Only net business income will be considered. Tax return must be filed, and an independent verification of filing may be requested.
ii. Net deposits or transfers from business banking account to personal banking account.
d) Private Pension, Royalties, Government: Award letters or other proof of award along with proof of deposits.
e) Alimony, Child Support, Court Ordered: Court filed paperwork and proof of deposits.

3) Subsidized Rent
a) Southern Nevada Housing Authority (SNHA): Applicants from SNHA, otherwise known as Section 8, do not need to qualify for income. A qualifying voucher, a document called “How to Determine Rent”, and a landlord package issued from SNHA is required. We do not wait for porting.
b) Other Subsidized Rent Vouchers: Vouchers are accepted. If the voucher is less than full rent, or less than one year, the capacity to pay the difference in rent will fall under the Rules of Income.

4) Landlord History: 3 years of verifiable residential history is required. Verifiable means speaking to an owner, a hired property manager, or proof of ownership of residence. Roommates are not a verifiable source. Additional verification such as copy of lease or cancelled checks may be required when traditional backgrounds fall short. You will be rejected for any of these reasons:
a) Reports of damage
b) More than 2 late payments or 1 NSF check per most recent 12 months
c) Records showing evictions or money owed to prior landlords within the past 5 years. There are legal exceptions for evictions that can be shown to be Covid-19 related.

5) Co-Signers: Not accepted

6) Maximum Occupancy of People and Pets: Using HUD guidelines, maximum occupancy of people is 2 persons per bedroom. Unless otherwise stated in individual ads, maximum pets is 2 total (dogs, cats, ferrets)

7) Acceptance, Move-in dates, and Payment of Deposits: Typically move in dates can be no later than 2 weeks from available date. A deposit equal to one month’s rent is paid when signing, and the balance paid on move in date. If move in date is requested as soon as possible, $500 paid via credit or debit card is required on signing and balance on move in. Once approved, you have 24 hours to sign the lease and pay the deposit. Failure to sign and pay timely will open the property to the next applicant.