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Then go back to the listing and click APPLY NOW. You can pay the $50 per person application fee using your credit/debit card or checking account information (routing/accounting number).

Bella Vegas Homes Realty will verify income, credit history and landlord history. Here’s what we look for…

1) Credit: We look at all income producing applicants. Credit scores 650 or higher by all partied are accepted. Scores between 600 – 649 by any party will result in 50% increase deposit. Scores below 600 or no score will result in double deposit.

2) Income: Gross income to be minimum 3 times the rent. Only documented income is accepted.
a. Employed: Evidence of 6 months employment within same company or in the event of a change of jobs, same profession. All history must be from local employment.
b. Self-Employed: Applicant will need to show most recent prior year tax returns along with three months bank statements, with lowest figure being used. Only net business income will be considered.
d. Bartenders and Casino Dealers: Tip-based employees will need to show 6 months paycheck stubs and prove they are full time employees. On-call or part-time employees will not be considered. Value of tips per hour varies with location and is solely at BVHR judgment.
e. Pension and Disability: Award letters along with 3 months bank statements are required. Payments assigned for the care of non lease holder occupants are not considered.
Applicant that do not meet these requirements will be asked for a double security deposit.

3) Landlord Issues: Evictions on record, money owed to prior landlords, or negative referrals from prior landlords will result in rejection.

4) Co-Signers: Not accepted

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