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Then go back to the listing and click APPLY NOW. You can pay the $45 per person application fee using your credit/debit card or checking account information (routing/accounting number).

Bella Vegas Homes Realty will verify income, credit history and landlord history. Here’s what we look for…

1) Credit: We do not look for “Perfect” credit. We will look back four years for evidence of not paying bills. If you have unpaid collection activity, bankruptcy, or a high rate of late payments, we require 50% increase in security deposit. We do not look at unpaid medical bills or foreclosure activity.

2) Income: Gross income to be minimum 3 times the rent. Only documentable income is accepted.
a. Employed: Evidence of 6 months employment within same company or in the event of a change of jobs, same profession. All history must be from local employment.
b. Employed – New to Local Area: Security Deposit is double. However once you show 6 months qualified income with no late fees charged, the extra deposit will be used to offset rent the next month.
c. Self-Employed: Applicant will need to show prior year tax returns along with three months bank statements, with lowest figure being used. Or applicant can show 6 months payments from business checking to personal checking.
d. Bartenders and Casino Dealers: Tip-based employees will need to show 6 months paycheck stubs and prove they are full time employees. On-call or part-time employees will not be considered. Value of tips per hour varies with location and is solely at BVHR judgment.
e. Pension and Disability: Award letters along with 3 months bank statements are required. Payments assigned for the care of non lease holder occupants are not considered.
Applicant with verifiable income between 75% – 100% require 50% increase in security deposit. Applicant with below 75% income or unverifiable income require a double security deposit.

3) Landlord Issues: Evictions on record, money owed to prior landlords, or negative referrals from prior landlords will result in a double deposit.

4) Multiple Issues: The maximum allowed deposit in The State of Nevada is 3x the rent. Should requested deposits, including pet and HOA keys, exceed 3x, the applicant is rejected.

5) Co-Signers: Co-signers are accepted as long as the co-signer is willing to show evidence of all that an occupied applicant must show. In addition, a co-signor must show evidence of income to be at least 3x monthly rent + also be able to cover costs of their own rent or mortgage.

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