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Low Fee Management!

  • Monthly Management Fees for 1 Home: 9% is our basic rate for most homes, minimum $80.
  • Monthly Management Fees for 2 or More Homes: 8% discounted rate when an owner has multiple homes, minimum $80.
  • Referral / Leasing Fees for New Tenant: $350 – $450. Pending on rental value of home.

Included Services!

  • Set-up Fee: NO SET UP FEE. We will work towards making your home clean, safe and functional.
  • Lease Renewal Fee: No charge on lease renewals.
  • ACH Transfer of Funds to Client: No charge!
  • Management of Caretakers, Such as Pool Company, Lawn Service, Pest Control: No charge!
  • Management of HOA: No charge!. This includes payment of HOA bills and maintaining filing requirements of HOA and addressing violation notices.
  • Management of Repairs and Servicing, Including Warranty Calls: No charge!
  • Management of Bills, such as Mortgage, Taxes, Insurance, and Utilities: No charge!
  • Management of Home While Vacant: No charge!
  • Advertising: No charge!
  • Evictions: For our services including court appearances, no charge! We use Southern Nevada Eviction Services – SNES – as our preferred eviction company. All fees charged by SNES are passed to you.
  • To answer any questions or to get started, contact Jason at Jason@bellavegashomes.com or 702 203-2722.

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